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Peruvian Highland Trek

Terms & Conditions


All reservations will be requested by e-mail and will be answered by the same.

Any reconfirmation, cancellation and others will also be requested in writing by E-mail, otherwise it will not have any value. The data that we require are the following:

  • Date of travel:
  • Tour:
  • Full name:
  • Passport number:
  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Number of people:
  • Language:
  • Hotel:
  • Other details:
  • Request to: E-mail: /


– Passengers who do not show up for the tour for any reason by the indicated date, will be charged at 100% of the fare.

– If the passenger requests cancellation in advance, the penalty will be 50% of the total amount.


  • The prepayment of the reservation will be deposited by bank, by Internet with card and / or by Western Union.
  • Prepayment of the tour is 50%.
  • The balance is paid 30 days before the date of travel (or) in our office on time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., located at Alameda Pachacutec A-4 Santiago-Cusco Street.


  • All prices and rates are expressed in US dollars and are subject to the exchange rate of the day.
  • Prices and rates for tour packages are per person.
  • Confirmation depends on availability.
  • Prices and rates do not include extras, tips, airport taxes, air tickets (unless indicated REQUESTED).
  • The price does not include excess baggage or any other trip not specified in the program (Itinerary). Or others.


Once the deposit is made, the reservation procedures will proceed with the previous communication of the available spaces. Then we will send the reservation voucher with the confirmation of your reservation.


  • All cancellations and / or cancellations of services must be made with due anticipation and will be acquitted according to the general policies of Tourism Law, SERNANP and Ministry of Culture.
  • For cancellation of the last moment after requesting and confirming the service, 100% of the service will be charged for administrative expenses according to reservation policies, without right to claim or refund any.


The tours offered by “Peruvian Highland Trek Expedition” act by order and client’s account; the means of transport are organized in their name, accommodation and other tourist services required, therefore we assume NO responsibility in case of incidents and / or accidents, losses or thefts, delays or interference from outside the company.

  • The Company is not responsible for illnesses, pregnancy or physical or mental impairments that could endanger the health or integrity of the passenger or third parties during the development of the contracted tour. In this regard, the Company will NOT recognize any claim or refund for the aforementioned.
  • In this way, we request that you inform us prior to contracting our services about the existence of any limitation of this nature, and thus be able to put specialists and / or recommend specific services that contemplate the existing impediments.
  • The agency is not responsible for: partial or total loss of passenger luggage.
  • Due to unfavorable weather inside and outside the archaeological sites and in another route.
  • Visit to Archaeological Sites of Emergency.
  • If the visitor walks outside the prohibited and marked places


The Itineraries are planned and organized with great care, in strict itineraries (INCA TRAIL OF 4 Days and 2 Days) no changes or modifications can be made according to law. In adventure routes some are flexible to change the order of activities when weather conditions, strikes, government actions, circumstances, or any other type of factors that involve changes in itineraries or other causes. The itinerary in general should only be assumed as a basic guide to ensure the best development of your trip.


The permanence rules from the moment in which the user registers his entrance to the Archaeological Park of Machupicchu, in the control post and corresponding vigilance within the hours of attention that will be exhibited in each ticket.

Prohibition of transit and night use of the Inca Road Network

It is forbidden to travel through the Inca Roads Network between 6:00 p.m. and 05:00 p.m., except in cases of force majeure or force majeure.


Peruvian Highland Trek     (0051-84) 242480   984020240

Oficina: Alameda Pachacutec A-4   +51-984020240


  • The customer accepts
  • Your reservation is non-transferable
  • Access the requested route and / or tour
  • Have the original Passport / DNI at hand.
  • Without an identity document or do not correspond to the owner, you will NOT be able to visit; under no circumstances and there is no refund according to law.
  • The ticket to Machupicchu is valid for one day only. If you do not visit, there is NO refund, no claim.
  • In the event that the user does not arrive to visit the site for health reasons or strikes in the regional jurisdiction will only allow the ticket to Machupicchu in advance; modify only the date for a day before or after. (Data of the holder NO change).
  • At each Archaeological Center there are guards and the adequate signage that guarantees security.
  • Visitor will be prevented and withdrawn when under the effects of toxic substances, alcohol, drugs or other substances. Firearms or compressed air, ammunition, explosives, flammable substances or other objects that alter the order within the archaeological site.
  • Bows and arrows, hunting and fishing implements, axes, machetes, knives whose steel blade exceeds 07 cm. long, picks, shovels or other tools. Any type of trap for the capture of fauna specimens; fuels such as Kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline. Sound equipment and other annoying noise generators. Do not bring pets and exotic species. Candles; visitors that show behaviors against morale and / or good manners.


  • Make bonfires and open fire.
  • Food consumption anywhere
  • Make writing and / or writing on the walls.
  • Climb and / or have direct contact with the walls of the archaeological site.
  • Make loud noises (Whistles, shouts, whistles and others).
  • Use some space in the archaeological site as a Hygienic Service.
  • Carry drinks that are not in hand canteens.
  • Alter the conditions of the flora and fauna of the archaeological sites.
  • Canes; except for elderly or disabled.
  • Smoking in archaeological sites and surrounding areas that may cause forest fires.


  • If you lose the physical travel ticket; the issuance of a new ticket will cost.
  • In case of natural disasters in the regional jurisdiction, that prevent the arrival at the Archaeological Park of Machupicchu; modification of the date will be allowed without any cost.


  • Your personal data is only to perform the corresponding procedures as the law governs.


Only in matters not covered in this document, the relevant provisions of the “Regulations of tourist use of the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and its Buffer Zone” (Departmental Resolution No. 259-2005-INRENA) will be used and other concordant norms.

Note: This document is in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection and defense code Law 29571, for informing the user.


Because you will be walking for several days, you will have to carry comfortable clothes and little. For example:

  • Divers
  • Trekking shoes and (1 pair of sandal)
  • Long sleeve polo shirts
  • Beanies of the wide
  • Waterproof
  • Chompas
  • Towel
  • Underwear
  • A quilt to protect you from the cold
  • Bathroom linen
  • Wool stockings and gloves.


Your backpack should include few things, but the necessary ones. Here are some recommendations about it.

  • Personal hygiene items
  • Walking stick
  • Insect repellent and blocker
  • Fruits, candies and chocolates
  • Travel insurance
  • Local money (soles)
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Portable charger.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Special personal medication.


You must remember that the Inca Trail passes over 4,000 m in height, so if you are not used to areas like that, it is recommended to bring some of the following products to protect your health:


  • You must arrive 2 days before your tour begins, in order to adapt to the altitude.
  • Eat light and avoid any kind of heavy food. (We recommend Chicken diet with vegetables)
  • The first day of walking is recommended to walk slowly.
  • If you are a smoker, forget about the cigar during your entire trip.
  • If you feel that you lack oxygen, it is recommended to take a few minutes to rest. Likewise, it is advisable to notify the guide before any ailment.
  • Before leaving, it is recommended that you drink an infusion of coca leaves
  • Always drink bottled water or take pills to purify it.

Note: The complete regulation is fulfilled in tourist operation.


The use of the Inca Road Network for tourist purposes is done in an organized way through:

  • Travel and tourism agencies; with
  • Driving by tourist guides.

Organized Groups with Travel and Tourism Agencies

Are composed of:

  • Visitors: National and foreign tourists who have hired the services of a travel and tourism agency, to visit the Inca Road Network.
  • Tourism Guides: Authorized professionals, hired by travel and tourism agencies to guide visitors.
  • Support Staff: It is the auxiliary staff duly registered by the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary, formed by: cooks, porters, and others hired by the travel and tourism agency to perform complementary services.
  • Authorized Travel and Tourism Agencies
  • Authorized legal persons, who meet the requirements established in Peruvian legislation.
  • Number of members of the Organized Group
  • Minimum 8 visitors (1 guide, support staff)
  • Maximum 16 visitors (1 guide + 1 assistant, support staff).
  • Loading capacity
  • 500 people per day for the 4 day trek
  • 250 people per day for the 2-day trek.
  • Support staff
  • Support staff is considered:
  • Porters,
  • Cooks,
  • Others necessary for the provision of the service.

Payment for income rights

The payment for the entrance fees to the Inca Road Network will be made only in the city of Cusco, in the Office of Collection of the Ministry.

Applications for authorization to enter the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu must be made in a nominal and documented form, upon payment of 100% of the corresponding amount, in strict relation to the established load capacity.

Period in Restriction for Maintenance (Closed in February)

For reasons of ecological recovery of the Inca Road Network, tourist use during the month of February of each year is prohibited on routes 1, 2 and 3 indicated in Annex “E” of these regulations.

For reasons of conservation or restoration, may establish periods of restriction and closure of the use of the Inca Road Network, in this case the UGM will communicate to users with an anticipation of thirty (30) calendar days.

Exceptionally, in case of risk situations, fortuitous event or force majeure, the closure or restriction may be arranged without prior notice, in this case the Management will inform the users.

Term of Permanence in Inca Trail (for Tourist Use)

Once entered into the Inca Road Network, the user can not extend their stay for longer than more than what their entry ticket establishes in the established route, except in cases of force majeure or force majeure.
The permanence rules from the moment in which the user registers his entrance to the Inca Road Network, in the corresponding control and surveillance post of the SHM.
Identification of visitors
It is mandatory that all visitors to the Inca Trail Network identify themselves with their original identity documents and register their entry in the corresponding control and surveillance posts of INRENA or the Ministry of Culture.

Team that takes and provides the Travel and Tourism Agency.

  • Backpacks
  • Isolators or Mattresses
  • Quadruple tents valid for 02 people / there are also simple ones.
  • First aid kit
  • Oxygen balloon
  • Propane gas burners
  • Inelastic rescue rods (9 mm diameter)
  • VHF portable radio communication equipment adjusted to the frequency of INRENA and Ministry radios, only in cases of emergency.
  • Location plans of the Inca Road Network
  • Water filters
  • Plastic mesh to filter sediments from dirty water
  • Tents for passengers
  • Tents for group use
  • Rain ponchos and thick plastics to protect the load
  • Plastic mesh for washing utensils that prevent spillage of organic waste in water sources.
  • First aid kit.
  • First aid kit (mandatory for Travel and Tourism Agencies)
  • Disinfectants (Methyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine tincture, soaps, germicides)
  • Cotton, gauze, bandages and medical adhesive tapes.
  • Bronco dilators
  • Muscle and stomach analgesics
  • Antipyretics
  • Antiallergic
  • Ophthalmic liquids
  • Creams for the relief of sun exposure and other medicines for relief of burns
  • Limb immobilisers
  • Small oxygen ball
  • Thermometer and thermometer.

Elements not allowed in the Inca Trail Network

  • Firearms or compressed air, bows and arrows, hunting and fishing implements, axes, machetes, knives, picks, shovels or other tools.
  • Any type of trap for the capture of fauna specimens.
  • Fossil fuels such as: kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline.
  • Alcoholic beverages, stimulants, psychotropics, narcotics and other drugs not permitted by current national legislation.
  • Drinks and products in glass containers.
  • Sound equipment and other annoying noise generators.
  • Domestic animals and exotic species.
  • Canes with a metal tip that does not have a rubber protector or wooden sticks of native species.
  • Transportation vehicles, such as bicycles, tricycles or others.
  • Drones or any type of smaller craft and professional film crews for unauthorized commercial purposes.

Solid waste

The travel and tourism agencies, tourist guides and support staff are required to select organic and inorganic solid waste generated during their stay in the Inca Road Network and withdraw them from the SHM.



Place-3250Cuzco02850Km. 8232750 Llaqtapata 103100 Wayllabamba 204200 Warmiwanusqa 243924 Runkurakay 283725 Sayaqmarka 323580 Phuyupatamarka 392650 Wiñay wayna 452430 Machu Picchu.


At what age can the Trek be?

The trek can be done by any person of any age; but for practical reasons, we recommend that you have good physique, for children from 8 years old on the Inca Trail of 4 days. In case you choose the 2 day Inca Trail. This excursion goes up to 4,200 m in height.

For people subject to respiratory, circulatory or cardiac problems or very young children. In all cases, only your doctor can tell you if you can do the trek or not and we advise you to consult it if you have any questions.

Should I be very well equipped?

In general, you must carry your personal equipment; the personal things we recommend. The agency will take care of the things included in your itinerary.

Should you be trained to do the walk?

No. This trek is aimed at all people without limitation.

Cusco location map

What to bring (Attention: General recommendations).

  • Original identity document.
  • Small backpack for the walk.
  • Walking sticks with rounded rubber tip.
  • Camera, extra batteries, chargers and adapters.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Personal medicine kit (medicines to prevent altitude sickness).
  • Boots or shoes for walking.
  • Hat or cap. (sun and cold)
  • T-shirt or polo.
  • Long sleeve shirt.
  • Gloves, scarf, wool stockings.
  • Waterproof in the rainy season.
  • Long pants.
  • Chompa and a jacket or jacket.
  • Bath linen (for Aguas Calientes hot springs – not included)
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses.
  • Bottle of water.
  • Dehydrated fruits, candies and chocolates
  • Travel insurance.
  • A little local money for services not included and tips.


  • First day of breakfast
  • Bosa to sleep (we rent)
  • Trekking poles (we rent)
  • Final lunch in “Aguas Calientes”
  • Extras, … others.

We appreciate your communication and we are happy to serve you.


Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek
Peruvian Highland Trek

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