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Rural Tourism 3D/2N

Per Persona USD 420

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Rural Tourism 3D/2N


Day 1

1ST DAY: Cusco- Maras, Moray, Salt Mines

PROGRAM: Our tour begins with the gathering from the hotel to 9:00 a.m. in our mobility, to direct us to the population of Maras, happening through very typical populations and beautiful landscapes that we will be able to enjoy in our route, arrival and visits the following places:

MARAS.- Located in the province of Urubamba to 3300 m.a.s.l. then we will be able appreciates the snow-covered mountain range of the Vilcanota and summits: “The Chikón” (5530 m.a.s.l.), “Putukusi” “the Veronica” (5682 m.a.s.l.). At the east present time attractive colorful town guard of the pre-Hispanic, colonial and republican period, emphasizing in the town colonial streets and covers with shields of the noble and caciques of centuries XVII and XVIII.

MORAY.- One is to about 7 km to the southwest of Maras; it is unique archaeological group in its sort in the region. It is about an enormous terrace that are superposed concentrically in a gigantic hole, these beautiful terraces that served at the Inca time like an agricultural laboratory “Prototype as Conservatory” in which old quechuas experienced and obtained improvements. Place where incredible advances in agriculture were obtained.

SALINERAS OR “SALT MINES”.– Located to the northwest of the town of Maras are constituted for about 2000 small wells with an area average of about 5 mts², operated from the time Inca, Colonial time and that even continues being exploded by the villagers. They indicate that the mountain has in its interior salt mines, a manante of salt water that arise from this mountain, serves during the time of drought to fill to the wells in form of “irrigation” every 3 days with salt water during a month, so that it is solidified gradually, then has the process for the consumption of the region.

Day 2

2ND DAY: Agricultural Activities – Chinchero

Early in the morning after our breakfast prepared by the same people will share with them our passengers a day with daily activities such as movement of animals to grazing. The residents of the rural community of practice they operate Huypo Grande Chinchero the customs of their ancestors as it is: The ayni, minka, and mita where they know the actual payment. Today both men, women and children work the land using rustic tools developed by them, to a lesser amount is used machinery, these activities are: HILLNG (January-March)POTATO HARVEST OR SCRATCH (April-June), CUT OR COLLECTION OF CEREALS (July-August)PREPARATION OF LAND FOR CROPS (September-October) ,CROPS (October-December)
After lunch, afternoon we will ride on a donkey (optional) or walks through the ancient roads.

Day 3

3RD DAY: Chinchero -Families of Textile  Workshop-Cusco.

After breakfast we prepare for a walk around the houses to collect dye plants for dyeing, and then get ready to enjoy a unique activity that they have the development of the textile process, where we show the local families. Today we witness the greatness of this ancient and glorious past, which perpetuates in time that speaks to us and tells his story, he says he is still alive and legacy, rebuilding with their hands, the past.

In Chinchero very communities, still practice the same form of textile production for hundreds of years, using techniques inherited from their ancestors. In its iconography reflected scenes of everyday life as well as animals and plants in their environment.

After the visit to observe handicrafts and textiles made by the same people in the area. Then enjoy a delicious typical lunch prepared with locally grown products. After our visit we will return to the city of Cusco.

The farming community Huaypo Grande Chinchero through its inhabitants both men, women and children were waiting with open arms to transmit their culture, wisdom, arts, customs, traditions inherited from their ancestors and their daily activities.

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In this area of Peru and especially a cultural diversity that enchants travelers with its music and its cuisine it is appreciated. Here eyes find rest in a wide variety of shades of green. We have 5 circuits plow route, route of maize farms route, trekking route and the road circuit (Chinchero- Urquillos- Huycho).

HILLNG (January-March) Potato Harvest or scratch (April-June), cut or COLLECTION OF CEREALS (July-August) preparation of land for crops, threshing grain (September-October) is also performed, sown crop (October-December).

Peruvian Highland Trek do in different parts of the region of Cusco Acomayo, Paucartambo, Urubamba, Anta, Quispicanchis, Canchis, Paruro with handicrafts, agriculture, gastronomy together in the best scenery and tourist routes connected to archaeological sites.



  • Transportation.
  • Professional guide
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Family house
  • Entrance ticket to Archaeological place in Chinchero.

Not Include


  • Breakfast of first day.
  • Dinner on the third day.
  • Tips.



  • Warm and Light clothes.
  • Sun block.
  • Sun glasses, camera films.
  • Caps or hats
  • Snacks


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