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Peruvian Highland Trek

Peru volunteer and travel – Volunteer in Cusco – Esoteric Tourism Cusco

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Peruvian Highland Trek / Adventure Tours / Peru volunteer and travel – Volunteer in Cusco – Esoteric Tourism Cusco

Peru volunteer and travel – Volunteer in Cusco – Esoteric Tourism Cusco

Peru volunteer and travel – Volunteer in Cusco – Esoteric Tourism Cusco

Peru volunteer and travel or Volunteer in Cusco is an alternative tour. Esoteric Tourism Cusco is different to traditional tourism, adventure. Eco tourism that offers different activities and modalities in customs and traditions as opposed to commercial tourism.

The tourism in recent times is fashionable because it is a way of offering their life of the Andean world people who come to visit and are lovers know more about our Andean Culture.

In this activity the participation of the villagers is very important because there is integration between residents and visitors.

The community members offer their services of food, lodging, guided, fabric, ceramic, etc.

All what is intended to is that the visitor is considered to be a family member who shares his knowledge bequeathed by our ancestors.

Peru volunteer and travel programme:

The social nature of the human race has taken him from the past, to turn to the pleasant experience to share with their peers, their way of life and customs to interact more appropriately with them.

The Experiential Tourism in vogue in recent years. It is based on this principle to make the tourist stops being a mere observer and becomes part inclusive of life of the inhabitants of those places you visit.

Whether helping them in their daily life or sharing their customs, experiential tourism experience provides difficult experiences in traditional tourism. On the other hand, has an effect of spontaneous solidarity very pleasant.

Volunteer in Cusco and other places in Peru

Peru has a cultural richness to match only the great and ancient civilizations in the history of mankind.

Tourism in Peru’s cultural and experiential sharply, reaching 80 percent of the total and an average stay of 19 days per person. It means experiential tourism that develops with the coexistence between the visitor and a receiving family who teaches habits and customs.

The remaining twenty percent is adventure tourism. The interest in practicing different kinds of sports such as mountain climbing, canoeing, snow biking, surfing sea and mountain, and as many ways to attract visitors. Interestingly, the variety of adventures that tourists can take in this country due to climatic variation and geographical shape of its territory. For example, on the coast simultaneously when it is summer in the mountains it is winter and the climate is tropical rainforest.

Visitors have the opportunity to go into the Amazon or go back to the past to live pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and republican Andean traditions, manifested in varied Peruvian gastronomy, in art, in communal customs, music, using flame and animal Andean loaded on a walk through snowy landscapes of the Cordillera Blanca, Andes, on the Inca Trail, outside and inside the Cusco, around the mysterious temple of Chavin and generally in the Andes region of this country.

Tourists who want to go step by step territory, have the opportunity to practice experiential tourism in Peru or cottage in rural homes, families who have prepared their houses to accommodate tourists and teach them their way of life, customs and traditions as plowing cattle, preparing bread, participate in ceremonies to pay to land, respect the forest, plant products in the area, hiking and many other nearby attractions native customs preserved from the past.

Peruvian Amazon:

The Peruvian Amazon is the ultimate destination of experiential tourism. The ability to interact directly with nature is what makes it particularly attractive. This type of tourism in the Amazon just being discovered and developed.

In the Andes of Peru in Cusco residents of three communities in the Sacred Valley, opened its doors to pilgrims to share their daily lives through tourism. The stay can be directly involved in farming activities, festivals and rituals, achieving a true exchange of life in balance with nature. Furthermore, it is possible to revive myths and traditions multimillionaires contact with local people during the tour of the ancient routes of the Inca Trail, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Maras, Moray, etc

Volunteer in Cusco Peru

This especial tour is for travelers who are interesting in participating in communal activities together with our Quechua people of Chinchero and other villages in Cusco sharing the local customs and taking the opportunity to work with farmers in the same land of the Inca Cultures

The experiential tourism in Cusco Peru is something new and very different so this kind of tourism are growing in the international community today, because you will have the opportunity to see by yourself the original life of the Quechua people who are direct descendants of the Inca people, with this experiential tourism and activities the benefits generate will be a big support for the Quechua people.

You can contribute directly to its development and especially the warmth that should exist in the relations of tourists with the people and the geographical environment so with this experiential tourism in Cusco Peru will be a new way to offer visitors a warm environment conducive to living the reality of the area to visit, especially the Andes, causing it to feel at home and not inhabit the coldness of a hotel.

Why Peruvian Highland Trek?

Peruvian Highland Trek offers this very unique tour in the villages of Chinchero,Huaypo Grande and Yanacona one of the 19 rural villages that make up the Urubamba province (it also happens to be the village we are from). In it you will see the lifestyle and ancient customs that still maintain the residents of the communities of our people.

You will appreciate farming techniques using old instruments such as the “chaquitaclla” that plow the land with animals. We will finish this adventure knowing one of the Inca ceremony at the Huanacaure or Hatun Tayta other Antakillka, instead of offerings and rituals to the Pachamama or Mother Earth so experiential tourism in Cusco Peru has the spirit of making something more human tourism, in a process of encounter and dialogue between people of two cultures, with the provision to that solidarity can only be given to truly meet with nature and the person.


Day 1

Esoteric Tourism Cusco & Peru volunteer and travel:

Peru volunteer and travel programme lets you send some time with locals, especially those speaking Quechua in the vicinity of Huaypo Grande Village or Chinchero

Peruvian Highland Trek partners with the USA non-profit charity Kindness In A Box (KIAB) to support the education, health and well-being of the Quechua children of Chinchero. KIAB and Peruvian Highland Trek has a wide range of volunteer abroad projects available in the ancient Peruvian village of Chinchero and surrounding valleys, including:

Teaching English to the Teens at the KIAB Kindness Center
Serving Food to the children in the KIAB School Lunch


Planting vegetables in the KIAB Greenhouse for the children to eat to combat malnourishment and stunting

Distribute school supplies to the preschools of Chinchero

Playing games and sports with the school children at the KIAB Kindness Centers located in Huaypo Grande and Chinchero.

Volunteer in Cusco is one of the oldest cities in South America and situated in close proximity to the tourist mecca of Machu Picchu.

Volunteers must be 18 years or older on the volunteer program start date.


Fluency in Spanish is not a prerequisite for Peruvian Highland Trek, however on certain projects, such as Teaching English, volunteer work will be helped by our staff. We recommend that volunteers take advantage of the very affordable language lessons offered exclusively by Peruvian Highland Trek volunteers and our staff in Cusco. Past volunteers feel that taking these lessons help immensely with day-to-day volunteer work and communicating with local people. Volunteers interested in taking Spanish lessons can arrange these directly with the local staff once in Cusco.

The positive initiatives and impact made by NGOs are often limited by their financial and staffing resources, particularly in developing countries. Volunteers’ experience and contributions help to further the organizations’ goals and broadens their reach in the community. Volunteers may take on a range of tasks which include, but are not limited to, general administration, grant writing, research, fundraising and teaching English.

Community Development projects offer a variety of opportunities for international volunteers that are often unique to the location they are set in but the shared purpose is to improve the circumstances of local communities. The work is often quite mixed and requires initiative to get projects off the ground as well as interaction with different groups of people.

“It was the best trip I’ve ever taken! Experiencing the longest Zip Line, seeing historic Cusco and volunteering at the Kindness Center was wonderful.”


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Chinchero, Sacred Valley Machu Picchu Tour
Peru volunteer and travel - Volunteer in Cusco, Esoteric Tourism Cusco

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