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Peruvian Highland Trek

Cachicata Trek to Machu picchu 4D/3N

Per Persona USD 560

Peruvian Highland Trek / Adventure Tours / Cachicata Trek to Machu picchu 4D/3N

Cachicata Trek to Machu picchu 4D/3N

Cachicata is a short path through the mountains south of Ollantaytambo and while doing this walk we delight with fabulous views of the mountain range with its impressive variety of landscapes and ecological zones, walk on high snow landscapes typical of this region of Cusco. Going up to a beautiful waterfall, camp here which is very close to some rarely visited Inka ruins and also across the mountainous landscape where we Chanca chuco open fields until we reach our camping spot. The last day offers two alternative routes taken by the irrigation canal Inka across the valley Camicancha that offers spectacular views and the Urubamba route to the snowy areas revered the Intipunku to Choquetacarpo, the residential area of ​​the Inca elite into ramps and abandoned rock quarry by Cachicatas Inkas.


Day 1

DAY 1: Cusco-Raphcca-Corimarca.

Early in the morning we leave Cusco in our transportation to Pachar in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and continue to Canon Huarocondo down a short path to the village of Raphcca.De here we begin our hike through a lush valley through house local and farming terraces where you can observe birds such as the giant hummingbird and pepitero with tie. Lunch a delicious lunch our cook makes us close to a beautiful creek and from there decided to take either of two routes:. The easy route or pronounced where we can take a bath
Continuing the steep path rather know little known Inkaycas ruins Corimarca which is located on top of the Valle Soccma.lugar from where you can see a canal built by the Incas
where water still runs today and camp here near Inkas terraces.

Day 2

DAY 2: Corimarca-Passage Chancanchuco – Quenacancha.

Walking through open grasslands went through shrubland and our undulating path until reaching the Pasaje Chancachuco (4400 m) and if it’s a clear day we can delight us with wonderful and imposing snowy landscapes, taking east to Mount Ausangate and Cordillera Qoyllority and the amount we will find the Nevado Veronica (5750 m). We continue our trek through gaps and finding ourselves with Andean geese and ducks and Qeuñacancha arrived at our camp (4080 m). (BLD).

Day 3

DAY 3: Quenacancha -Phunkuyoc – Cachicata.

This day hopefully we will see Andean condors, the group most experienced anger at the Chancanchuco Valley following the water channel that the Incas used in quarries. We continue our walk through the Punkuyuc canadas where many ferns, orchids and fruit trees in quinoa and went down to meet beautiful landscapes of Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley of the Incas arriving at Intipunku to venerate the snowy Veronica. The other alternative route is easier, more quietly it ascends from our second campsite through meadows up to the Hill Yana Orco. going for a wavy path descend through a forest of Quinoa until the Intipunku.
We had lunch with a panoramic view of the valley near the ruins of Choquetacarpo. After almuerzado walk to explore Cachicata quarries and along the way we find huge blocks of pink quarry witnesses a project that never culminated in the temple of Ollantaytambo, located 6 kilometers away. Down to our last campamente near terraces Cachicata take hot frills, we bathe in hot springs, and will relax us to prepare for our trip to Machu Picchu the next day.

Day 4

DAY 4: Cachicata- Machupicchu-Cusco.

After breakfast we will take the train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes then go by bus to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and have a guided tour of the famous place for an average of two hours. Later we will have free time to explore the issues that most concern to everyone and concluding our visit. In the afternoon we will have lunch and take the train back to Cusco.



  • Transport to the starting point of the train
  • camping equipment such as tents and mats
  • admission tickets, food according to itinerary
  • first aid and oxygen
  • professional guide
  • horses
  • Train tickets Ollanta, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu, Cusco
  • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu
  • Bus ticket Aguas Calientes-Machu Picchu

Not Include


  • First Day Breakfast
  • Last lunch day
  • Sleeping bag
  • tips


Cachicata Trek - Inca Quarry
Cachicata Trek - Inca Quarry
Cachicata Trek - Inca Quarry

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