MINCETUR Gastronomic tourism is a tool for social inclusion Peru

MINCETUR – Gastronomic tourism is a tool for social inclusion

MINCETUR – Gastronomic tourism is a tool for social inclusion

LIMA. “Gastronomy in Peru has favored the less fortunate throughout the value chain actors , ” said Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Chairman of the Board of PromPeru, Magali Silva.

The ideas and contributions discharges during the implementation of the Second Global Forum Gastronomic Tourism generated a seed that will boost tourism in Peru, but only germinate if Peruvians do not let perish, said Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez. He reiterated that inbound tourism has grown in the last five years in the Andean country and to end the current governance will have grown by more than 43 percent.

He stressed the minister who, as to travel with gastronomic reasons, “have spent in the last five years eight to 20 percent,” according to measurements made by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru Export and Tourism (PromPeru ). “Gastronomy in Peru has been privileged to underprivileged actors throughout the value chain;therefore, the combination of tourism and gastronomy imposes many challenges, we are confident we will achieve, “he stressed the head of Mincetur.

In that sense, Magali Silva said that there are still roads, ports, airports and rural roads to connect these communities to markets without losing its essence, “incorporating with a fair value for the product or service they generate and are willing to offer “.”Gastronomic tourism, then, has become for us and the world as a tool for social inclusion, an instrument capable of incorporating all sectors away from our country, where tourism and gastronomy and came to beat poverty, “he said.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Carlos Vogeler, said this Second Forum has exceeded all expectations created around it. “In these rooms it has attended much content, so many contributions, so many ideas and initiatives that have really made Lima these days in the world center of tourism and gastronomy; although obviously Lima is already the world center of gastronomy, “he said.

“Not only has he continued efficacy, which is what is expected, they have more than just in the kitchen is essential, they have passion and have put heart, and that’s what really conveys the emotions we felt in these days, “he said Vogeler. Previously, ambassador of Spain in Peru, Ernesto de Zulueta Habsburg-Lorraine, and deputy Culture, Tourism, Youth Guipuzcoa, Denis Itxaso, reported that the OMT decided to organize the 3rd Forum World Gastronomic Tourism in the city of San Sebastian, Spain.

At the close of this important meeting, MINCETUR gave a posthumous tribute to memorable environmentalist and former minister Antonio Brack Egg, and special recognition to 53 personalities of Peruvian cuisine that paved the way, and made it generated for cause. Integrate these groups chefs, culinary researchers, poets, journalists and specialized publishers. Also highlighted in these listings immortals cooks Teresa Izquierdo, Ivan Kisic and Toshiro Konishi.

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