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Inca Stone Massages

Cusco Massages, is part of the treatment in here, in Cusco – Peru, gives you total harmony and balance of the body, mind and soul. Inca Stone Massages specializes in personal treatment with the most beneficial natural products; with a highly qualified personnel and recognized experience in massages, body treatments, and nursery, certified, giving you comfort, well-being and enjoyment.

A massage in Inca Stone Massages regulates activity on the autonomous nervous system and promoves its relaxation, dealing with many body disorders, with beneficial and therapeutic effects. A massage lasts one hour to a hour and a half aprox. depending of the treatment.

Inca Stone Massages specializes in inca massage, swedish, shiatsu, holistic y therapeutic, thus, reflexology and waxing, cleaniless facial, manicure and pedicure, stimulating and revitalizing the organism. Inca Stone Massages the best choice for pampered, cared for and rejuvenated of the body, after all the hard and stressfully daily work or after a long hard tour.

(Available in Cusco)

Inca Stone Massages Relaxing. Massage with special components such as Quinoa and Chamomile that will relax your nervous and muscular systems, taking you to a complete state of wellness and busting up your mood.
(60 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages (Muscle Revitalizing)
Relieving massage that will ease muscle fatigue and tension from your entire body, making you feel completely renewed, by using the healing components of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint and Lavender
(60 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages (Harmonic Life).
Technique which combines Reiki, Aura Purification and Millenarian Coca oils, which act over the psyche, emotional and spiritual bodies of the human being, and achieving a conscious interchange of positive energy.
(60 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages (Energizes)
Percussion combined massage techniques that hydrates, relaxes, revitalizes and energizes all your body by using Green Tea oil and Coca extracts.
(60 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages (For Sore Legs)
Combining massage techniques which include reflexology, this special massage will completely ease and recover your sore leg muscles, especially after a long walk or trail.
(60 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages (For swollen legs).
A full therapeutic massage which combines a special lymph drainage technique with the use of mentholated and decongestive masks and scrubs.
(60 minutes)

Massage with special components for skin care and preparation before sun ray exposure with Carrot oil, Rosehip, Q10, Vitamin E, D and Collagen.
(20 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages REFLEXOLOGY
(An ancient oriental technique that eases body tension and pain, by acting over reflex points on hands and feet. It will help you balance your mind and body.
(30 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages RELAX KIDS
(Relaxing for Kids. Ideal for pampering the little ones, this massage uses natural oils of Jojoba, Almonds, Olive, Avocado and Chamomile. It’s relaxing and brings a state of wellness.
(45 minutes)

Inca Stone Massages  (NECK AND BACK) 
(Ideal for stress relieve, using a mixture of pain relief and percussion massage techniques.
(30 minutes).

All guests are welcome to its three indoor pools, large outdoor pool, and Jacuzzi included in the price of the stay.

Guests who want some extra pampering can peruse the spa’s long list of creative treatments. There’s the doubly-indulgent “four hand massage” as well as a variety of scrubs, wraps and facials that incorporate local ingredients. Choose an Andean cleansing with Maras salt exfoliation. Delving deep into holistic health, the spa offers wellness programs like integral beauty, weight control, anti-stress, anti-age, recovery and convalescence, acclimation, alternative medicine and Ayurveda treatments.

Tired of walking? Although Inca Stone Massages doesn’t have a spa on site, it does offer private in-room massage treatment. Their Andean massage therapists combine ancient healing traditions and aromatherapy with techniques from the east and west. Choose from an adventurer’s massage for the weary traveler or a romantic couples’ massage, among other options. You can even request the butler to draw you a flowery bath to soak in after the treatment, all in the comfort and intimacy of your own suite.

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