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Peruvian Highland Trek / Blog / PACHAMAMA – MOTHER EARTH!


When we say Pachamama or Mother Earth, we refer to the mother of all life and universal existence, all together.

In the month of August, Our culture customarily makes an offering to the Pachamama every year, according to Inca astronomy is the beginning of a new cycle.

In this event diverse offerings are made of what Mother Earth gives us, either in gratitude asking for sustenance or apologies for any fault committed before the earth.

Accustomed to see the beauty of the Inca Trail, this time Peruvian highland Trek, makes an offering to Mother Earth in gratitude for allowing us the passage and the good journey in its Inca roads and alternative treks to the sacred city of Machu Picchu.

This small ceremony performed by a Paqo, who is Andean Master, a spiritualist directly connected with the Andean world, brings together different seeds and products that Mother Earth gives us, and with her mouthfuls of coca leaves and Andean food she calls on the Apus and the divine spirits. This is the mystery that animates life in the Andes, which determines a good journey, which helps to live and love.

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