Esoteric Tourism to Mother Earth in Cusco Peru

Esoteric Tourism to Mother Earth in Cusco


Esoteric Tourism to Mother Earth in Cusco

Vivencial Tourism

Experiential tourism is an alternative tour which is different to traditional tourism, adventure, Eco tourism that offers different activities and modalities in customs and traditions as opposed to commercial tourism.

The tourism in recent times is fashionable because it is a way of offering their life of the Andean world people who come to visit and are lovers know more about our Andean culture. 

In this activity the participation of the villagers is very important because there is integration between residents and visitors.

The community members offer their services of food, lodging, guided, fabric, ceramic, etc

All what is intended to is that the visitor is considered to be a family member who shares his knowledge bequeathed by our ancestors.

Experiential tourism has the spirit to do something more humane tourism, in a process of encounter and dialogue between people of two cultures, with the disposition towards that solidarity can only be to truly be with nature and the

Mystical & Esoteric Tours

 1. Despacho Offering to Mother Earth & Spiritual Body Cleans

Despacho Offering to Mother Earth & Spiritual Body Cleansing – includes individual consultations, shopping trip to the Shamans market for supplies, transportation to our private mountain retreat near the Temple of the Moon, preparation for and Despacho (offering) ceremony to Mother Earth by the Q’ero (direct descendants of the Inca), body cleansing and energetic alignment and afterward a visit to the Temple of the Moon, an ancient rebirthing temple where you can release your past and start anew. (Allow ½ day for this ceremony)

 2. San Pedro / Wachuma Ceremony (full day)

San Pedro – Our San Pedro ceremonies are an opportunity for you to work with sacred plant spirit medicine in a safe, beautiful, controlled and completely supported environment. We work with Wachuma as a powerful healer in sacred altered space. This work does require physical and mental preparation in advance. We highly recommend that you research this topic before stepping into this work. You can find much on the Internet, but we highly recommend reading The Hummingbird’s Journey to God: Perspectives on San Pedro; the Cactus of Visionby Ross Heaven. This book was written specifically about the approach to working with Wachuma that we have been guided to offer and much of it takes place at our private mountain retreat.



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