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Peruvian Highland Trek / Blog / THE MAGIC OF OLLANTAYTAMBO


Community tours : At the top of the Andes of the sacred valley, we can appreciate stone constructions as if someone had carved in the mountains, a living example can be seen in the archaeological group of Ollantaytambo, without a doubt, great masters of architecture passed through here.

Ollantaytambo located in the province of Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, currently has net Andean customs, we can appreciate that local people live in houses made of stone, buildings from the Inca period, and this is shown by its narrow streets.

As we pass by here very early, its people recieve us with a warm welcome, and it can feel like the heat of the sun God takes over the whole area, and transforms the town into a magical place.

Around here, we can see tourists who did the inca trail reservation getting ready for this new journey. However, we also see people coming down from the big mountains meet here to help with the travelers’ camping equipment. Their typical and colorful costumes make their presence known. But above all their working hands and that warrior spirit make them unique.

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