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Pisaq in the sacred Valley

Community tours – At the present time, Pisaq is one of the most important Archaeological Parks in the región. It is located about 30 kms northwest of Cusco City (Sacred Valley).

In Pisaq, it is still posible to see the surrounding Wall which protected the most important área of the town. More over, inside the protected área, the vast farming terraces which supplied enough food for its inhabitants in case of sieges or prolonged wars, were located: and there are also aqueducts which supplied wáter for agricultural axctivity. It seems that the wáter for the people feeding was goten on the mountain upper side, and transported through underground channels.

Ruis of Pisaq

In addition, In Pisaq we can see the typical activities that farmers do for its hollydays, activities of Christianism that they got from the conquest . However local people from Pisaq are espiritualy connected with the Andean deity. They never forget their origins and the main idea of being part of the Pachamama.

By the way, the famous market also takes part of this town, their native products and colorfull handycrafts are exposed in the main square.

Handycraft in the main square of Pisaq


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