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Peruvian Highland Trek / Blog / COCA LEAF: SACRED LEAF


The altitude levels reached in a crossing to the Inca Trail are 4200 meters above sea level, as well as in alternate routes such as Lares Trek, the height levels vary from 4200 to 4400 meters above sea level,

Consequently taking height can affect or alter breathing during the walk. For this we recommend using the coca leaf.

Although a minimum compound of the coca leaf is used to turn it into a narcotic drug, it can be prepared in infusions or it can also be bitten (direct chewing in the mouth like a chewing gum for a certain time), to absorb all the nutrients, besides proteins , vitamins and minerals that make it not only an excellent nutritious option, but a curative option for diseases such as altitude sickness.

In the Sacred Valley, it is normal to observe settlers picking up the coca leaf, either by working or working on the farms, they may be without food and without taking anything all day just picking coca.

Likewise, the Paqos, Andean masters, use the coca leaf to ask for support to the apus and forecast the future of the Andean world, for this and many other reasons the coca leaf is considered in our culture as Sacred Leaf.

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